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Jupiter is not in a terribly good way, but is dignified through being in the 1st House and near the Ascendant. Saturn is conjunct the Part of Fortune in the 8H, and very strong. Exalted in Libra, and happy to be in his own Term and Face, his better qualities will hopefully shine through and will boost the fairness and accuracy of my judgements and writings here.

The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are all placed in angular houses, giving them accidental dignity, with an emphasis on Water and Air — intuition and intellect. Scorpio is a sign classically associated with priests, monks and magicians, which is good for my purposes. Passion is definitely something I hope to capture in my writing and my practise as an astrologer, so that suits me. The Sun in the 10th house, conjunct the MC itself, puts it in a powerful position.

Electional Astrology using Classical/Traditional Methods

This should bring out the better qualities of Mars, as it is effectively recieving favour and encouragement from the King of the chart, occupying his high place in the sky. Unfortunately, Mercury has not fared so well — it is Combust, meaning that it is close enough to the Sun as to be effectively incinerated. Yesterday and earlier in the day, it was still Cazimi, in the heart of the Sun, where its powers were exalted and heightened through the close contact.

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Perhaps I will have difficulty being understood by my readers? However, its aspects to Jupiter and the Moon, unafflicted by the malefics, means that it should be alright in the end. The luminaries are trine, which indicates that the Sun and Moon, the King and Queen, so to speak, are in harmony.

Electional Astrology : How to get a Fresh Start.

Because the Moon is close to the cusp of the 6th House within 5 degrees , we count her in as being in the 6th House. The 6th house is unfortunate, as a rule, but the Moon is strong in her own sign and through her easy aspect to the Sun. It will be a lot of hard work, but the prospects for success are good.

She is in aspect to another fixed star, Alcyone, which is a star of mysticism, but can indicate a judgemental attitude. See my comments about New Ageism in the first entry on this site, I guess.

Windows of Opportunity - Your Best Chances to Succeed

Saturn exalted in Libra, Mars exalted in Capricorn. A planet in the sign of his rulership is like a person entertaining in their own house. They feel at easy. They show the actions that come next.

Also note the house position of the moon and the lunar phase the aspect to the sun. The moon is considered the co-ruler of the chart, along with the Ascendant ruler so we put a strong focus there. Also we look at mutual receptions, and maybe Arabic Parts and some fixed stars and asteroids. Get the essence and then gradually add in other elements IF they have something to offer the situation. I would love to look at one or two examples from the class to give you all a feel for how to jump in, so make note in the comments of the chart is it a first meet, launch time or start up of a biz?

In the meantime, here is a chart of the moment. Curious, flirty and having fun. Make sure that the New Moon is complete, if you are planning an event. But still, Moon conjunct sun in the 7th bods well for this hypothetical connection. I would say we would definitely meet again, though with the dark moon and co-ruler moon square their ruler Jupiter, this intriguing other is committed elsewhere.

The dark moon has a 12th house feel to it. OR, we are collaborating on a mystery novel!

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Remember, keep an open mind on how the energy might play out. This chart says nothing positive for her to have her house sell. This chart has the right astrological language for her to sell her house.


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The seller is ruled by Saturn, the buyer is ruled by the Moon, and they are in trine aspet which is the most powerful and positive aspect in astrology. And the Moon is located in the fourth house ruling her home. So the three houses involved include the client, her home and the seller.

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All of these three houses are in a positive aspects configuration. The first, the seventh and the fourth house are the most significant houses to put energy into when selling a home.

BY Joann Hampar

Notice that there is a grand trine between Saturn, the Moon, and Pluto. Additionally, they are also invovled in a kite aspect to Mars and the Sun in the 10th house. The kite is also an extremely powerful configuration. The 10th house is always the street value of the house.

Best Aspects In Natal Chart

And this is so in this chart. The chart has a lot more positive aspects that will strengthen the potential for a sale. And, she did sell the house. I enclosed the note that she sent to me after she sold the house. Not only did she pay me for the electional work but she also sent me extra money because she was a satisfied customer.