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I've totally been there! But the 90 Day Budget Bootcamp changed my entire life. Grab it here for free before it's gone! Great tips! I very much agree that experiences have more value than objects or money. I also really like tip 3 keep it action packed since people really dislike boring parties. Conversely, being known as a fun host is great and goes a long way to ensure that guests will attend you future parties because they look forward to having fun, rather than out of feeling obligated.

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We are low key for birthdays. No parties, just a family fun day. Birthday boy gets to plan the day and choose dinner. They also get to bring a friend. We at planning to go all out for birthday A ride of passage celebration with extended family and friends. Love this, especially 5. This is a great list! I really love the idea of birthday tradition — something the birthday person can pick and makes the day about them. Game night sounds so fun and great for fun on a budget! Thanks for the tips! We just had our first child Grace this past March! What we have done as adults are dinner parties at a nice restaurant.

Why is number 7 so hard to do?!?! And I so agree! Memories are so much better than stuff that will lose interest in a few months! This is so true. One of the gifts that we gave our college age kids was recipes of their favorite meals. I printed them on cute recipe cards and put in a recipe book. It was inexpensive and they really enjoyed it. It was for Christmas but could be for any time of year.

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Awesome article! I always say that when we were kids a birthday party meant a big pot of boiled hot dogs, cake, presents, and games. So simple, and probably cheap! I hope to keep costs down a well! Very professional post with a valuable content. I love to read this article and share with others. God bless you. You are really making our birthdays special, memorable and lovable. Umar Craig recently posted… 20 inspirational Birthday wishes for Niece — Get today. Your email address will not be published. Fill balloons with small prizes inside.

Give each child their own balloon to pop. But the challenge? Kids will love rolling around trying to reveal the prize inside. Set up this birthday party game inside in a dark room or hold it outdoors at dusk. For this game, use a construction cone, a tall can or a stake and wrap lights around it. Then have kids toss glow stick necklaces instead of rings and see if they can get the ring around the object. The glow-in-the-dark element of this party game makes it especially exciting for little kids!

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Roll the dice to see which wacky dance you must perform! This unique birthday party idea encourages kids to release their creativity and expend their energy after their sugar-high from birthday cake! Kids are always putting things into their mouths, so why not turn it into a party game? Place a bowls of donuts on a table at the other side of the room. With their hands behind their backs, kids must race to pick up each donut with only their mouth and run back to drop it into their bucket. If you chose to send invitations, this is a part of the party planning where you can involve your child in the planning.

The excitement of picking out, writing, addressing and mailing or handing out invitations builds excitement for the party. Plus you get this time together to connect and share a fun experience. Once kids are school age, this process of inviting the entire class versus a select few becomes tricky. If you plan to invite a few select kids from class, this is OK at not making the rest of the class feel left out.

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Think of how your child would feel if they were one of the 2 or 3 kids without an invitation. This is entirely dependent upon the time of the party. If you have a party over the lunch or dinner hour, say am — pm or 4pm — 6pm, expect to serve kids a meal. Pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken tenders are kid-friendly foods easy to cook, order and serve. If the party falls in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon having snacks on hand such as fruit, muffins, pretzels, chips and veggies are good to munch on before cake and cupcakes.

Why Fiver Parties Are Better for Kids, According to Developmental Experts

If you know kids who have special needs or food allergies will be attending, be sure to have appropriate food on hand so they get a chance to eat as well. Parents appreciate feeling included versus being a wallflower waiting for the party to end and take their kid home. Include parents in the headcount for cake and cupcakes too! Opening gifts after guests have left is acceptable party etiquette — and smart for a couple of reasons:. However, as the parent, you know your child and their friends the best.

If they have the attention span to sit through opening presents and there are only a handful of kids, this will probably be OK. For larger parties and for parties with young children who will get fidgety over git opening, saving gifts for later might be a better choice. Goodie bags are not necessary at birthday parties, as all parents breathe a sigh of relief. There is no need for anything personal? Simple is usually the best way to go. Thank you notes are a nice gesture, and are important to reinforcing gratitude for the gift a child has received. If your child is old enough, they should be involved in the thank you card process. This is not only convenient but very practical as well.