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Exciting projects between September 6th and October 2nd. Take time for reflection between October 2nd and October 28th to learn from the past and grasp a new cycle of your emotional life from October 28th on an informed basis. Since , Uranus has overturned your bearings and your existence. Whether through a symbolic mourning or breaking with some people related to your past, you must evolve and change.

Libra 2020 Horoscope

But this period of change is favorable to your personal growth because it forces you to give up life forms that no longer allow you to move forward. Count on Jupiter until mid-January to breathe new life into your family. You can move or change things to your advantage and for the good of all. Take advantage of this period of opening to complete a positioning within your history of the clan between March 22nd and early July and then from December 17th, to redefine what you expect from the relationship now and from the other.

Venus will help you get closer between February 7th and 16th and will encourage your opening to a wider dimension of love between April 3rd and 15th and between June 9th and July 11th. Tender projects will be honored between September 16th and 15th. Do not neglect the invite to reflection between October 2nd and 11th to take stock of the past year and address a new stage of your emotional life from October 28th.

Love Horoscope Overview

Around December 21st, your love life will return to the forefront, and there could be a good surprise a commitment? You went through a tough year on the family level. Saturn has exposed you to responsibilities and some hardships. Fortunately, this austere planet has left the camp and Jupiter takes over.

Between January 15th and March 3rd, and between August 2nd and October 24th, it will warm the family atmosphere. Count on him to invest in a capital asset or do some beautification work. Some will take advantage of the protection of this giant planet to found or expand their family. You will benefit from optimal conditions to blossom with your loved ones, create a cozy nest, and apprehend your daily life creatively. Around February 20th and October 12th, the current goes well between you and your loved ones and you will evolve in a fulfilling climate.

Mars in your love sector from March 30 will leave a rich legacy that it will put a stamp on the year itself. Staying here for more than a month, he will fuel your romantic passions and desires further.

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The warrior of the cosmos will urge you to hold onto the momentum you move into the year with. Your job is to keep that romantic flame burning and to work with Mars, before a hiatus in planetary activity in the summer.

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A Full Moon on August 3 will have the fingerprints of fate all over it. Normally moving through your relationship sector in just 26 days, Venus will arrive in October , ensuring that is a year full of relationship growth. There is a need for rebuilding, reevaluating, revisiting the past in the second half of the year, with the main player during this time being Mars, the warrior and guardian of your relationships. This year will end on a super-romantic and lucky note, as Jupiter will visit your love sector just before Christmas and into Extraordinary closure to an extraordinary year on both the romantic and relationship fronts.

What does today's horoscope hold for your love life? Read our daily love horoscope predictions for Libra to find out! Maybe not for long! Maximise your chances of finding true love in with your personalised Love Life Reading! Your career horoscope for is quite promising, dear Libra.

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The North Node is connected with the future and the healing of past wounds. When there is planetary activity here and especially during an eclipse, we have 2 this year this increases the potential for career breakthroughs. You have moved into the year with Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies in your work sector, daring you to dream big. In our horoscopes you will discover the perfect opportunities, weaknesses and challenges that are drawn by an invisible hand of fate on the life's journey of each of us.

Focus on the essentials in love and career. Always be prepared — in count with the worst, but look forward to the best!

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Aries, the symbolic guide for may be depicted as giraffe. Certainly all the conditions are favourable for Aries. However, according to the horoscope, Aries will not be a super—fast cheetah that can sprint and beat most running records.

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On the contrary, you will be well suited to Do you like winter sports? Taurus, the ice surface will expand in your life during What a nonsense? It is, of course, only a metaphor. Create the perfect path for your lightning thoughts, being fast and precise in your judgement — like a genuine speed skater. Boisterous Taurus. According to the horoscope , people born in Taurus will Perhaps it sounds too ordinary, but the main task for will be to find and follow a new path of life.

Gemini, maybe you knew once how the sun shines, but with your glasses always on, every evening may seemed even more darker and gray. In other words, Gemini's horoscope urges you to go beyond your comfort zone and bring However, will require more active efforts from Cancer than mere courtesy.

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Cancer, of course, it is only a metaphor of the horoscope, but we believe that you are a witty and experienced driver — in the car as well as in your life. And here the horoscope offers some clues. Cancer — keep calm and carry on.

In , you should be able to keep calm even in To bare your teeth should be a matter of course for Leo. The year is ideal for Leo, for example, to be portrayed with a red Ferrari, with a Magnum revolver, or at a concert by the Vienna Philharmonic. Instagram or Facebook may be very useful tools, because the power of photographs is immense